Lampo Lighting Technology 2018 Meeting

The “Lampo 2018 meeting” took place in Rimini on 14 June. With the entire sales force in attendance, the new edition of the general catalogue 2018/19 was presented and Lampo illustrated to what extent its product range and item assortment has grown. Innovative LED technology has enabled Lampo to create a new series of products [...]

Lampo Lighting Technology 2017 Convention

Great success of the convention held in March 2017 in San Clemente - Rimini, for the celebration of Lampo Lighting Technology’s 30 years of activity. Full involvement of the company’s sales force, with the representative agencies from all Italian regions attending the event. The location has been appreciated by everyone in the beautiful four stars [...]

Lampo “Lighting Catalogue” 2018/19

Now with a novel graphic design highlighting the many new developments that Lampo Lighting Technology presented at the 2018 meeting, the catalogue was met with profound appreciation. Each product is amply illustrated and described (sizes, features, photographs, technical drawings, photometries etc.) so that users can benefit from all the information they require (including technical details) [...]

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