EU regulation for energy reclassification

EU regulation for energy reclassification

The energy efficiency is now determined on the basis of new parameters. This involves the phase-out of some types of lamps with lower energy efficiency and the reclassification of the energy scale on new labels of light sources. Furthermore the belonging classes have been redefined to give future prospects for energy emprovement.

The new energy labels generated by EPREL (European Product Registry for Energy Labelling) to which Lampo is regularly registred, contain important informations on light sources involved. These informations are present on the official EPREL website, reaching by the QR code on the energy label as well as packages , in the products’ datasheets, in our website.

1st March 2023: End of the transition phase. From this date, only new labels can be used.

Lampo light fixtures are classified as container products, so in this case it is indicated only the energy class of the light source inside the product, if present

In the past, the performance of a LED luminaire was determined by referring to the “Watt” value above all, which gave a quick term of comparison to old products. Currently, the new European directive wanted to highlight the value emitted in Lumen of the luminous efficiency (Lm/Watt) placing the value of the power measurement (Watt) in the background.
Then, in this catalog, our products’ values are classified in “REAL LUMEN”, that is the real light output of the LED luminaire

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